Another year of MLB in the books. For the first time in 56 years of west coast baseball, the Giants have won the pennant. My baseball year was over after the Braves lost in the first round of the playoffs. It was a good send-off for the bog #6, Bobby Cox.

Now that the NFL near or around the halfway mark, and the NBA is completing its first week in the 2010-11 season, my thoughts turn to my fantasy NBA and NFL teams.

I’m running two NFL fantasy teams and one NBA team. Only one for money, therefore, only one matters (ha!). I’m number one in the money league, but I’ve let a lead like that slip away before so I’ll have to keep you updated. That lead could’ve slipped away this week had I not faced a guy the matchup who forgot to set his roster. I’ve had two straight weeks of typically high-scoring players who have barely crossed the 5 point mark. Rough, i tell ya.

Right now I’m finishing the Colts game out of mere addiction. I switched to ESPN Fantasy this year, and the free, live FantasyCast has me glued to the computer screen with brief stints watching the actual TV screen. I say addiction because I won my matchup yesterday, but I still have Schaub and Garcon in play (neither of whom have come close to the analysts point predictions).

Life’s been hectic of late. Work’s forever unspeakable because of regulations, so let’s just say it’s been good. Now I just have to live up to the standards I’ve set myself. Church has been fun because of several leading and praise team appearances. Touring has been light of late, but we’ve added personal travel to make up for it.

This past weekend I had outdoor show in west Tennessee. The weather has been a bit strange, and to prove it, I got a sun burn in October! I drove myself out there so I could get back to the house in time to pass out candy for Halloween. I tried my best to break the speed laws, but it didn’t work. I guess it could have, but we bought a fire pit just before I left for the shows. Our neighbors have a tradition of passing the candy out from the driveways while gathered around fire pits. I love that because I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one. When I got back to the house I had to put it together, and by the time I did that, it was too late. Karen and I lit a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows together on the back porch. While Karen wishes we could have been together for the trick-or-treaters, the time she and I got to share on the back porch made the speed demonic trip home worth every mile!

This weekend we get to visit family in Indiana. My great-grandparents are celebrating 70 years of marriage together. Not many people have or will be able to enjoy something like that, so I consider myself almost as blessed as my Nina and Grandpa. I hope Karen and I live long enough to share that with our families.

Next shows will be weekend after this coming one. We’ll be in the Chicago area, so you who can come, I’d love to see ya!


 . . . to the day I return to my very first dot com.  I don’t think I could have been more excited–in a techno nerd kind of way–than I was when I saw my name in “bytes,” but alas, I left the garden untended.  Luckily there are no weeds to fix upon my return (unlike my flower bed–even though we have the best coleus in the state!).

In the time that’s passed we’ve been to Texas, the Poconos, Indiana, South Carolina, The Great Lakes, Cincy, and various other ports of call.  It’s been no small task to maintain my marriage, my business, and my music, but the busy lifestyle has been worth it!  Even as I type this I sit the lobby of a hotel in Saint Louis, MO, waiting on a zip file of the latest VU photoshoot to download.  Friday night I land at BNA and go to the house long enough to switch out for clean clothing and concert digs, and jump on the tour-bus for Raleigh, NC.

But let me tell you what I love.

I love providing for my wife (not that she really needs it, little miss Vandy), and I love being on the road singing with my friends. 

If I can find some pictures of the concert we did in the Poconos I’ll try to post a couple so you can see how beautiful it is!

Nothing much else to speak of here.  Check out vocalunion.com and stop in at a show near you!  I’d love to see you!

In the wake of Joyce (not James), I guess it makes sense to see the refs calling EVERYTHING tonight.  With stats on the game one winner’s side, I hope you have no difficulty understanding that I need to just write something in ordert order to calm down right now.  I’m flipping back and forth between the Celtics and the Braves.  Does anyone else think Bynum looks like Bubba from Forrest Gump?

On a fashion note (as fashion as I’ll ever get), how about those Braves’ road caps?!  Love ’em!

Got a lot coming up this month.  I’ll try to update the appearances section in the next few days.  If you need anything any more quickly than that, go to http://vocalunion.com for an incomplete listing.

A friend gave me a sack of fresh squash and potatoes from his garden.  He also gave me a couple of his Early Girl tomato plants that he had no room for.   The rub is going to be trying to find a good spot with full sun.  The dogs have rule of the back yard, which would be the most logical choice, so I can’t plant them there.  No idea what I’m going to do.

One more thing for your prayer lists (as selfish as this may be).  We’re supposed to be heading to Orange Beach, AL, for vacation soon.  Pray those sugar white beaches aren’t going to be oil black.

Does anyone know where I can get a Pro Tools compatibility chart?  Even better, anyone know which version works with Vista?  I really don’t want to have to install another OS, and I don’t have time to learn another interface.  Also, I need a good crash course or cheat sheet on compression.  I’m forever shady on Ratio.  Be sure to filter what you find so I don’t get one of these boneheads who believe it exists to calm down high dBs.  A good engineer know it makes soft loud (since your preamp controls volume so you don’t have to stress a compressor).  Ah, here I go asking for help then trying to sound like I don’t need it.  I do.  Mea Culpa.

Okay, the half’s well over.  With the Lakers being a 3rd quarter team, and Kobe being a last second player, I predict a pretty stressful several minutes.  If the Celtics will just slow down and hit their free throws–sigh–I’m no Doc Rivers.

It’s just not funny anymore.  I mean, I smirk a little, but they just had Zach Galifianakis!  What a waste of an amazing opportunity!

For those who have asked, here’s a link to what’s happened here today: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/weather/05/01/nashville.flooding/index.html

That’s the interstate Karen drives on to work everyday.

Yup, I am pretty bummed about the home stretch of two of my favorite shows.  24 and Lost should’ve started paying rent at this house.

I guess there will be two hours a week that will soon be freed here.  I’m really in to V right now, so maybe that won’t be cancelled.  Any suggestions?

Here’s the weekly lineup: Mon – DWTS (shameful indulgence, I guess), House, 24; Tue – Lost, American Idol (I’m losing interest), DWTS, V; Wed – Modern Family, American Idol; Thur – Community, The Office, The Mentalist (does the title have the article?); Fri, Sat, Sun – open