This generation isn’t a result of its own search for being unique. It’s a result of previous generations. But it’s far more hamstrung by the fact that all the fixes that generations prior employed to attempt to feel like they were finally getting it right were used up and exposed as the bandaids they were. The arm was broken, no shattered. The skin was rent asunder and the muscle and sinew lay bare, exposed to the diseases of the open air, and all each generation did was attempt to bandage it. Now the small wound is catastrophic and the only fix is the actual, real fix. They aren’t the result of their own misgivings. No, they’re the result of an actual ailment, and binding the wound won’t work anymore. This current group needs authenticity and community. They need compassion and purpose. They need church. Real church. Those of us who feel a call to help them are suggesting bandaids because they seemed to have worked for us. It’s not that that’s not noble. It is. But the current generation now needs what every group before them needed: Jesus the Christ. It’s easy to say they’re “snowflakes.” It’s simple to say they’re just lazy and entitled. Those things are certainly true, but they’re no truer of this group than of our own. They need the disciplines. They need the acceptance and healing that comes in wide open, brutally honest groups. Fasting, prayer, study, worship, testimony, service. Not of compulsion by a list or some master plan of “how to become something you’re not,” but of that which comes only from an authentic recognition of Jesus’ role in humanity. Theirs will be a response, a natural next step that comes from what all who truly accept the Lord naturally do. The early church did what they did without the scripture we know today. No Pauline epistles. No degrees in ministry and worship. They did what they did because that’s what happens when God reigns supreme via the salvation that can only come from the saving grace and work of Jesus. They sold what they had, lived in community, had all things in common. Became a church that longed to meet daily, search the scriptures, fasted in honor of the sufficiency of the Lord, and live in the full time presence of God. The best they had was a letter containing a few directives. That letter circulated and found itself in the midst of humans gone wrong who had only their flesh to determine their next move. They didn’t seek to be perfect in deed, they sought to be perfect in the bond that covered them all. This generation needs the God of wonders who doesn’t simply accept all, he wants all. All people, all walks, all races, all genders, all wounds, and—most importantly—all parts of your life. They need the direction and boundaries given by God, not by their detractors. They don’t need more “fixes,” they need the actual healing that makes the catastrophe a ministry. They won’t tell because they’re told to tell, but they will tell because they can’t help it.