Warriors. Battle-driven. Ready to fight, defend, shed blood. Ready to love, rescue, captivate. Gentlemen who are not to be messed with, who are unswayed, rooted in truth. Capable of compassion, mercy, and grace, but unrelenting in our profession of morality in service of our King. We are blood-bought and redeemed. Our enemy fears us because it knows for whom we fight and with what weapons we strike. All men—ALL men—are built to be like us. It’s in their DNA, and not figuratively so. We found the untapped arsenal in our physical and spiritual code and we help our brothers discovers theirs. Our strength is from the Lord, the Creator of all humanity, all that was created was created by our Victor. By ourselves, we are nothing. With the Standard of the Lord raised before us, we are legions of soldiers, even if we stand alone beneath that flag. We aren’t immune to our enemy, but we spend our time knowing our weapons intimately. We shout. We worship. We cry. We love. We protect. We walk in devotion by faith in Him who won the battle before we ever claimed our equipment. We know beauty but we don’t serve it. We know work, but we are not slaves to it. Our shackles—our sole captivity—is chosen because we were chosen. We serve the one true God. We offer our lives at any cost to the Master who trains us, disciples us, fathers us. We wear the Son’s name, not our own. We’re led by the Spirit, not our flesh. We seek discipline. We fast. We pray. We study. We worship. We serve. We enslave nothing but our thoughts, willingly forcing every facet of our beings to bend to the will of God. We will not be caught away from our God. We are in constant communion, constant and consistent contact, so that though we could be caught unaware, we will not be. We do not leave our brothers behind. We honor our brothers’ relationships. We love our wives with the love shown to us. Our children are God’s. Our homes are God’s. Our money is God’s. We own nothing. We are but grateful and prudent stewards. We seek correction. We long for our orders. We are brothers, not of our own volition, but because we share a common and perfect God who has never left us, who fought for us, who died for us, and who defeated the undefeatable for us and for His own matchless glory. We don’t act like men, we are men by the grace and calling of God.