Off the road for the next two weekends!  I’m pretty stoked about some good Saturday time with Karen for two straight weekends. 

Actually, it’s a bit difficult to step away from music for that long.  Thank God for Ken Young and the Fourth Avenue church, though.  Ken asked me to lead worship again while he’s in Alaska this Sunday, and next week is fourth Sunday so Karen and I will be on the praise team.  The last time I led, he was in Texas, and man it’s easy to see why he loves what he does.  He’s put something quite special together with that team and Hallal.  Karen and I will get to sing on the praise team the following week, as well.  A thirty-minute drive to church (where we’d be anyway) to do some singing is hardly a taxing task.

The last Vocal Union show nearly wiped me out.  The ironic part is that we barely sang (two 30 minute sets at Silver Dollar City).  We didn’t take the bus to Missouri because so many of us brought our families along.  From Friday night to Monday night I threw a little over 1,000 miles on the old Accord.  Love that gas mileage!  Karen’s parents and brother came with us, and we tore that town to bits.  Between the rides, the mini-golf, the TWO country fried steaks I ate, and all manner of other goods, I drove and laughed myself into a week-long weariness.  I wouldn’t change a thing! 

We’ve added a few dates to the schedule.  Of course, the Paris and Illinois dates stand, but we’ve added three shows in North Alabama–Karen’s home region.  The weekend before Thanksgiving we’ll be in Florence, Athens, and Joppa, Alabama.  Florence is Saturday and the other two are on Sunday.  Not sure what any of them are, I just know I’d love to see any of you if you can make it!

AND let me tell you just how much I’d love to see you there: I got a call this morning from one of my best friends in the world, Paul David Kennamer (PD, for short).  He needed me to do a show with them, but because of the bookings in Alabama I had to turn it down.  The kicker of the deal (here’s the bitter part) is that show he needed me for is in . . . (wait for it) . . . Bermuda.  Yes, freakin’ Bermuda.  I turned down an island gig to do a North Alabama gig, so you’d better be there!!! Ha!