. . . to the day I return to my very first dot com.  I don’t think I could have been more excited–in a techno nerd kind of way–than I was when I saw my name in “bytes,” but alas, I left the garden untended.  Luckily there are no weeds to fix upon my return (unlike my flower bed–even though we have the best coleus in the state!).

In the time that’s passed we’ve been to Texas, the Poconos, Indiana, South Carolina, The Great Lakes, Cincy, and various other ports of call.  It’s been no small task to maintain my marriage, my business, and my music, but the busy lifestyle has been worth it!  Even as I type this I sit the lobby of a hotel in Saint Louis, MO, waiting on a zip file of the latest VU photoshoot to download.  Friday night I land at BNA and go to the house long enough to switch out for clean clothing and concert digs, and jump on the tour-bus for Raleigh, NC.

But let me tell you what I love.

I love providing for my wife (not that she really needs it, little miss Vandy), and I love being on the road singing with my friends. 

If I can find some pictures of the concert we did in the Poconos I’ll try to post a couple so you can see how beautiful it is!

Nothing much else to speak of here.  Check out vocalunion.com and stop in at a show near you!  I’d love to see you!