This has turned into a three movie week so far.  We started out with Dennis Quaid in The Rookie, then moved on to an oldie, When Harry Met Sally . . ., and tonight we took care of The Hurt Locker.  It’s not often that you get to do three in a week, much less three really good ones!  No need for reviews (I don’t have that kind of savvy) so I’ll just sleep well knowing that I feel confident that you may say a friend recommended them.

We finally put our vacation woes to rest.  Yesterday we canceled our Orange Beach reservation and made a new one at North Myrtle Beach, SC.  After researching all the pros and cons of canceling, we all but wore out wondering if we should.  As it stands, would the vacation have been okay had we simply left it all alone?  Maybe.  But we just got tired of worrying about it. 

Really, after looking in to all that North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach have to offer, I’m a little more pumped about the new plans.  And it will come as no surprise that one of the highest high points (for me) will be getting to attend my first Braves minor league game as we visit the Myrtle Beach Pelicans while they take on the Potomac Nationals.  I’ve been to a heck of a lot of Minor League games, but never one for my lustrous Bravos!

Speaking (well . . . writing) of baseball, I got a new glove yesterday.  Nothing spectacular.  But it sure feels nice on my hand, not to mention that sweet pop as the heat smacks the leather!  Karen and I have been breaking it in, and I’m sure we’ll do a lot more of that in South Carolina once her brother, Brian, dons his glove.

The only scar so far has been a missed catch that left its mark on the Accord.  That always feel like a big pile of doo doo.  I played it off as best I could, but deep down I hated it.

No.  I won’t talk about the Celtics’ loss tonight.  It takes a while for me to be able to discuss these things.  Summary: I do NOT like Pau Gasol.