Couldn’t get the mower started today.  I couldn’t get it started yesterday either.  It turned over and over, but just wouldn’t hit.  I figured it was a spark plug thing, so I just pushed the front (yesterday) hoping I could take care of it today.  Alas, even after I changed the plug, it wouldn’t crank.  I wonder if there’s too much oil.

Needless to say, I’m tired after pushing and bagging the back yard.  Any suggestions?

The Braves are heading in to the 11th as Venters just threw his 4th closing K: 6 up, 6 down!  Even with the excitment of a tied up game, and the anticipation of game 2 of the NBA finals tonight, I’m still worn out.

On another note, I can’t tell if I’ve bought in to hype or if I’m rightfully alert concerning the oil spill’s effect in Orange Beach, Alabama.  The news makes it sound like the whole place smells like oil, and the beaches are littered with oil and dead birds.  While I know that’s probably juiced up, the only counter-voice comes from the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach crowd who are saying that while they are affected, it’s all still vacation-worthy.  The GS/OB front has a little more credibility because they’re posting daily videos from the actual beaches which show people in the water on the same day you view them.


What to do.  Both of my problems may stem from too much oil.