Okay, here’s all I’m going to say.  The Celtics may be a little aged on the whole, but they are not old.  I have no idea what I watched last night.  The only explanation I can give relies on psychology.  You try going to an event as epic as what last night was, then imagine you’re the one with everything to prove, then imagine that everyone in the room is going to “boo” everything you do.  On top of that, imagine not being able to look in any direction without seeing Hollywood stardom, all while having spent a freaking week in LA listening to Zen Master Phil’ trying to get in your head.

Excuses? Yes.  Should they have pulled it out?  Yes.  I wouldn’t be so hard on them had Reggie Miller not single-handedly handed the Knicks their butts in a similar situation.  However, Reggie could carry the team.  Remember, no member of the Celtics has been the leading scorer two nights in a row.  They actually hold the league record on that.  So a team that is used to being just that–a team–had no idea what to do when Kobe and Pau started putting up Pippen/Jordan numbers.

In summary, stats aren’t in Boston’s favor right now.  The winner of game one wins the series 73% of the time.  Still, people buy lottery tickets in spite of far worse odds.  Boston, slow down.  Set up.  Don’t rush the shots.  Get physical (you can recover when the season’s over).  Get technicals (just not Perkins).  Get in their heads.  Let Rondo run the grace plays, let Garnett shoot from the left of the key.  Use the whole team!!!  Last night marks the first time that starting lineup has ever been beaten.  You bought in to the hype last night.  START SELLING SOME OF YOUR OWN!!!