My brother and his wife are having a baby!!!  Karen and I traveled to Woodruff, South Carolina, this past weekend in order to attend a baby shower.  It was so good to see our families get together!  My grandmother, Alice, rode with my parents from Indiana, and we, along with my sister-in-law’s family and friends, spent time showering them with love and support (not to mention a few gifts!).  It’s the first baby in our family so we’re all beside ourselves!  I’m so glad Shane found such an awesome woman with an amazing family.  I love being around them all!

Since it’s six one way, half a dozen the other, we came home via Atlanta instead of Knoxville.  Yes, it was a bit selfish, but it was near impossible for me not to at least try to see the Braves.  I didn’t think we were going to get to pull the whole thing off because we were awakened to the sound of rough rolling of thunder and the deep saturation of rain on Monday.  I had to stand in water over my ankles to load up the car.  The night before I get to go the Ted is like the night before Christmas for me so the rain was a bit depressing.  After a prayer, however, the clouds were rolled back and the Braves were rolled out!

The following are a few of the pictures. 

1. Joey (yours truly), Maw (my grandmother), and Shane (my brother)  2. My family  3. Mike Love, of the Beach Boys, on the JumboTron during the Beach Boys’ concert at Turner Field  4.  Jason Heyward (J-Hey) at bat  5. The Braves take the field  6. A pre-game, Memorial Day presentation