While what I’m about to tell you isn’t the “possible big news” I referred to in an earlier post, it is news of decent proportion.

While I was at the Prairie Home Companion performance (refer to post “My Prairie Home Companion”) at the Ryman, I ran in to an old friend, Brian Wiersma of Vocal Union. The other day he and I calculated that we’ve known each other for roughly twelve years. He’d brought his father-in-law to the same Keillor performance and fate caused a collision behind the lower level pews in front of one of Porter Wagoner’s rhinestone suits. In passing I mentioned to Brian that if they ever needed anyone to do sub-in work, give me a call. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of being the guy groups like that call when one of their regular performers is unavailable. I’ve done that for groups like Acappella, Watershed Worship, and even Valor (though I was actually a member of Valor at one point—well—two points).

A few weeks later I get an e-mail through YouTube that instead of a sub’, they needed someone to be a full-on member. To make a long story (that doesn’t even need to be long) short, I am now a member of Vocal Union. You can check out their—actually—our website at http://www.vocalunion.com/. If you’re in the Nashville area toward the end of June, I’ll debut on the Wednesday night of Acafest on LipscombUniversity’s campus.

The upcoming show I’m doing in Huntsville is set with two of my favorite performers by my side: Brian Randolph, of AVB fame, and Paul David Kennamer, of Valor. I’m sorry it has to be a private event. I’d love to see the whole world there. This isn’t a VU show.

On another note, it would be a perfect world if the Celtics and the Braves were both making good runs. Alas, it has only been the Braves of late. Last night was a perfect storm of injury and emotion in Game five of the Eastern Conference Playoffs as Kendrick Perkins drew two technicals (both of which were rescinded today, though they won’t replay the second half of the last game), Big Baby and Marquis Daniels both left with concussions, Rasheed Wallace sat out with back spasms, and Rajon Rondo looked like his leg may have been bothering him again. While the stats are in their favor (no team has ever lost a series with a 3-0 lead in the history of the NBA), health is not. All they have to do is win one more game to hit the big show, and their best shot may be tomorrow night since they’ll be back home at TD Garden. After last night, however, they may be staring at Goliath despite the home court advantage. Luckily, Perkins won’t be suspended as per the multiple technicals rule, but rest assured the refs will be keeping a keen eye on him. Also, unless Glen Davis and Wallace are both cleared, they’ll have to throw in someone with less experience to guard Dwight Howard. I still have high hopes for them since the main four—Pierce, Garnett, Allen, and Rondo—will be in the lineup with no issues. The depth will be what you should watch. Can they count on the ten man bench to seal it up and face the winner of the Phoenix/LA series? Will they suffer the same fate as their city’s other team, the Bruins?

As for the Braves, they’ve rallied pleasantly lately. After last night’s win at Florida, they’ve moved to 2.5 games behind the Phillies (a huge improvement from when they were below .500 and last in the NL East. If they finish Florida well enough, and Philadelphia has another game against the Mets like the one they had last night, then they’ll get the chance to make more full-game standing improvement when they host the Phillies Monday through Wednesday. The only issue, standings-wise, comes with the fact that while Atlanta deals with ½ game movements as they face Pittsburg again this weekend, Philadelphia will get more full-game chances as they travel to Florida. Chipper’s obliques are probably bothering him more than he’ll let on, but with Heyward making such an amazing first-year run alongside Prado, I look for a win tonight and a 2-1 series win over Pittsburg. The next three pitchers should be Hanson, Lowe, and Medlen.

I’ll try to post a couple pictures Monday as Karen and I will be sitting behind the dugout on the Braves side at the Ted on Monday. I’m going to the game to see the Braves, obviously, but Karen’s going to see the Beach Boys in hopes that John Stamos will be drumming with them. She’ll say she’s there for the Braves, too.

As for Lost, 24, American Idol, and Dancing With the Stars, I’ll have to post more later. Actually, I probably won’t post anything about AI and DWTS. No one on AI was worth our time, and DWTS was finished the moment Nicole walked onto the floor in episode one. Lost and 24, however, are completely different stories. I feel like I’ve lost a few friends. Let me marinate in my mourning for a bit, and I’ll catch you at the next stage of grieving.