Recently a friend posed a question to a group of friends, in which I am thankfully included. He asked how we would finish a phrase, and here is my response.

His phrase:

Greater acceptance and understanding of God’s teachings leads to…

My response:

. . . an overwhelming realization of how horrible I am and how amazing it is that anyone would call me a friend.
. . . a dangerous responsibility that will forever leave me daydreaming about the days when I didn’t understand.
. . . feral anger at how my flesh enslaves me.
. . . clearer insight in regard to Isaiah’s response to God (I’m horrible, woe is me, I would be better unborn).

I don’t even know why my friends love/like me or call me “friend.” And my satisfaction with their ability to quit me (even though they don’t, surprisingly) leaves me dumbfounded at God’s inability. I would have quit me a long time ago. Sometimes I don’t know that I haven’t.


The previous posts are excerpts of my responses to the responses from the e-conversation that followed the phrase-finishing task.