I’ll very rarely ever mention the over-mentioned Jabez, but it may be prudent to point out that Jabez asked for his territory be enlarged, as opposed to the territory God has for him.

Just a thought. Sometimes I’m not so convinced that God has an exact blueprint for my life. To rule my life as if it were some type of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade type foot puzzle where I’m constantly having to check to make sure I’m making the step God planned or I might fall into a stalagmite-covered pit, it’s not within what seems to be his character.

It begs the question: Did Lot sin by choosing the land he chose, or was he rescued because he remained faithful within his choice (remember the lowest sell-stop number on S&G was 10 so that doesn’t mean Lot and his lot were unfaithful)?

It seems to me that we are called to be faithful no matter the choice or situation. It’s almost as if a choice, with two plausible answers (in other words an amoral choice), isn’t as important as the way we follow-up with the choice. “In whatever state I am, therewith to be content” Phil. 4.11. If we’re submitting to God, maybe we’re one (or both) of two things: 1. We’re either blessed where we are, or 2. We are where we are because we’re blessed. Maybe you’ve let yourself believe you’re where you are because of your decisions, but you’re really there by the hand of God. The litmus test may just be God’s glory and God’s blessing.

A lot of people believe that the Bible was preserved from generation to generation, untainted, intact, and sufficient, despite the cruel hands of Marcion, King James, Thomas Jefferson, and those people who’ve made the Bible look like a teen magazine. Those same people may be wise to take the same attitude about God’s relationship with his people. If he can part the water, create the world, preserve a text, and defeat Satan, he surely can lead/protect/bless you where he’s placed you, even if you think you got you there.

If you look at the amount of scripture used to talk about a subject as an indicator of a subject’s importance (and I do), God’s lead is not as important as your heart and faithfulness. Mainly because his lead is his business, and our heart (which will make us open to his lead whether we know it or not) is our business.

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