Quick, which is bigger?  10 or 11

If you said 11, you’re so right.

If you had to pick, would you rather be penalized $10k or $11k?

Did you say $10k?  Me, too.

How many dead is worse?  10 or 11

Yup, 11 is worse.

Now, let me ask about parenting. 

Would any of these things be proper punishments:

– punishing your child for lying by lying to her/him?

– punishing your child for drinking by becoming a drunkard?

I guess the list could go on.

What I think I see here is a small pattern.  If we’re faced with the horrid decision between 10 bad things and 11, we’d choose 10, and it would be ludicrous to punish a child for a transgression by exemplifying the very transgression.

Let me add this, I totally agree with you.  I’d much rather have 10 and I wouldn’t dare inflict punishment by doing that for which I’m punishing.  I think I’m a logical being (at least my Dad thinks so), and although I am no parent, I have two of the best.

“What’s the point?” said the reader.

I thought you’d never ask: http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/11/11/virginia.sniper.execution/index.html

I find neither logic nor pleasure in the fact that America is still so arcane in its belief in the death penalty.  There is no retribution.  Nothing is corrected.  No wrong has been erased. 

In this case, instead of 10 dead, there are 11, and we chose it by not stopping this infantile method of supposed recompense.  We have punished a killer by becoming killers, willingly.

Fine, fine example.  God is not pleased.