I guess I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know it would be so soon.  Rumors of the supposed fear of assassination flew around like cluster flies.  I don’t have a clue how many times I had to hear it.

The fear is that since Obama in not only black but also has a nominal reminiscence to Islam he will somehow be the target of extremist violence.  Of course, that fear is seldom voiced prior to a heated conversation about Roe v. Wade or Prop 8.  No, it mostly comes after discussion hits an impasse and the Obama dissenter suddenly feels extreme compassion and fears for Obama’s life. 

It seems like the same voices crying this caveat, however, are the same ones who like to flaunt our military power as if it were invincible.  Emotions fly all over the faux claim that Dems are going to cut military and weaken our ability to stand as a world power.  (Didn’t Republicans vote to send troops to war, but cut off their funding?

Here’s the connection: Back in February, our Navy did something quite spectacular.  With amazing precision, the sailors destroyed a speeding satellite.  They calculated and executed.  It was spectacular.

Did we need a missile for that?  I don’t know.  Was it a misuse of tax dollars?  Not sure.  Was it a message to the world?  Absolutely.  It said, “Go ahead, try us.  We dare you.”  Our military skill has increased far beyond the pace of mainstream technology and has set the standard for the rest of the world’s armed forces.

If we can shut down a speeding missile with pin-point accuracy, don’t you think we can stop a redneck or and extremist?  All a Tennessee and Arkansas duo had to do was talk about it and they were thwarted with brute force.

Those who would attempt to remind us of the past presidential assassination attempts, let me remind you of a major difference between the Kennedy/Reagan/et al security teams: they are all pre-9/11.  I couldn’t even take a bottle of water to ESPN’s College GameDay at Vanderbilt!  The security detail for the presidential debates began weeks and weeks ahead of time, all for a few hours of appearances.

My advice: use the confidence that you’ve held in our military in all applications.  If we can stop a speeding satellite with one missile, we can surely stop a few backwoods extremists with an entire Secret Service security detail.